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Italian Suppliers propose high quality products to customers that can appreciate all Made in Italy aspects.
We cover several product categories, sometimes offering products that satisfy a niche only but with a high added value.
The companies are leader in their field and satify the most higher quality standards.
Products and Manufacturers which are the excellency of Made in Italy have a wide visibility on internet thanks to our innovative software reaching the international buyers.
We also seek for suppliers for every product, always Made in Italy.
Italian Suppliers: Clients choose us!



The co-operation with companies operating in this area and with architects supported by technical staff enable us to offer custom made furnishing for:

  • showrooms, temporary stores and shops
  • houses, villas, prestigious apartament, residential buildings and offices
  • hotels and restaurants

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The long experience, the constant appreciation of the products together with the continuous evolution of the needs of customers and markets guarantee the production of high quality products.

  • Tubes with stoneware embedded in the thickness
  • Concrete base, wells, covers, channels, new jersey, bollards
  • Metal structures, stairs, handrails and parapets

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The Italian companies we work with are an international benchmark in the fields of injection plastic molding manufacturing.
In particular we can offer:

  • Clean room injected parts
  • Contact lens cases, bottles for liquids
  • Caps
  • Dispencer for granules and globules
  • Way-wipers and rubber bellows
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The co-operation with Italian companies, leaders in their fields of application with the most technologically advanced and sophisticated machinery, enables us to offer:

  • Parts by drawing
  • Standard and special bolting, screws
  • Bespoke chip removal machining tools
  • Machinery parts and spares
  • Locks
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Many years of presence in the market and the continuous updating of technology allowed the Italian companies to provide high-quality products in compliance with all relevant regulations. We can offer:

  • design and manufacture of systems, equipment and installations for the storage and transfer of cryogenic liquids
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From Italian tradition directly to the customer the excellence in food industry.
We are able to supply:

  • organic chocolate
  • water, beverage, tea and infusions
  • fine wines
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
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Here below our long time italian partners:


Italian Suppliers

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